Is This For Real??

I love bacon and the weird internet subculture that has sprung up around it. I have chuckled at bacon flavored toothpaste, chewing gum, bacon scented candles, bacon inspired fashion, even bacon flavored lube (bleck). BUT surely, this is, going too … Read More

Whoa… Wait… Horse Semen Shots?

This story literally put my lesbian vegetarian roommate off her lunch.  It’s not an “Onion headline”, I checked. So, at New Zealand’s Hokitika Wildfoods festival, foodies will be able to imbibe horse semen.  Which apparently will make you feel like … Read More

The Pain of Perfection

If you’re like most people, getting the perfect bod might require the shedding of a few pounds. That being easier said than done, what pains would you go through to drop that unwanted weight? How about having a postage stamp-sized piece of mesh surgically attached to your tongue? … Read More