Getting Competitively Green

I’m a big fan of gamification. For those that don’t know, it’s a way to turn ordinary scenarios into a points scoring game. It’s a way to make doing chores fun, or make working out more exciting, for example. Well, … Read More

Shopping & Shipping Green has always been a greener way to shop because your car stays in your garage the whole time. Now even the shipping is greener. Instead of all those boxes that pile up, Amazon has introduced the Amazon Tote to the Seattle area. Your order is delivered in a free re-useable tote. … Read More

How’s Your Social Nuturition?

Anyone in the food industry knows that nutrition labels have revolutionized the way average consumers choose their food products. Informing the consumer with simple labeling so they can compare two similar products in order to make informed and healthy decisions … Read More

Less Packaging Means More Green

For years, marketing has profited from the idea that a bigger package made people feel like they were “getting more.” That’s why we have wads of cotton in our aspirin bottles and all that air in our cereal boxes. All that is changing with the new push toward green packaging. … Read More

Cloth Diapers a Win-Win

According to the Real Diapers Association, the average cost of disposable diapers for 2 years is $1,600. Or if you’d like to hop on the recession-savings- green friendly bandwagon craze, you could cut that cost to about $160 by switching … Read More

Walking the Talk

Five decades ago The World Wildlife Fund came on the scene and has been making waves ever since. Well, they’re setting quite a standard with their HQ in the Netherlands. But so they should!

With so much “greenwashing” going on these days it is heartening when a company not only embraces exactly what it is they stand for, but leads by example in the innovation dept. too. … Read More

From Cow Dung to Solid Bricks

Green echo is particularly a favorite wave of ours, if not for its simplicity then always for its ingenuity. The products and life evidence we find in this wave are constantly those that imitate a natural design or truly incorporate real nature as the design itself. … Read More

Post-it Goes Green

I don’t know about you, but I have to respect whatever trees get contorted into Post-it notes, because I use them like crazy. Luckily, 3M has announced that they have received chain-of-custody certification from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This means you can keep on posting them to your hearts content… … Read More

Mind the Curb

A year ago we saw the reverse graffiti work of Paul Curtis, who would wash messages onto the dirty surfaces of cars, streets, and walls throughout Leeds, England. It made for interesting street art seeing the contrast between the dirty … Read More

Coffee Flavored Biofuel and Other Delights

After some reflection, the hype over biofuel has given way to criticism by environmentalists. The controversy revolves around the fact that many biofuels require use of land and crops that would otherwise be used for growing food, further inflating food … Read More