Leafy Looking Electricity

Big solar panels can be so, well…let’s just say it, ugly. The Solar Ivy “leaves” you see in the below photo, by comparison, are more beautiful and a much more pleasing fit with the environment. They’re also cheaper to produce than the huge flat, colorless panels, cheaper to replace, and have the same kind of potential to cut down your cost of electricity. … Read More

Foilage Filters

Artificial air filters can cost a lot and, knowing they’ll be added to your neighborhood landfill, disposing of them can be a shame-producing moment. But that‘s all changing in a new and very green way. ANDREA, a French company, is pioneering air filtration systems that use the absorptive and metabolic processes inherent in plants to purify the air. … Read More

The Nature Cure

Depression is up. Connection with nature is down. This modern schism is being reconnected by something called eco-therapy. People spend so much time in their heads doing email, texting, iPodding and iPhoning, it’s no wonder they feel cut off from the earthy, foundational feelings that come from interacting with nature and all the benefits that entails. … Read More

Getting Back to Nature

Are you stressed? Anxious? Disconnected? Depressed? Do you really want to go sit on a couch in a dark office and talk about your problems? Whah whah….psychologists are beginning to recognize that some of this issues could be relieved by simply getting back to nature. … Read More

From Cow Dung to Solid Bricks

Green echo is particularly a favorite wave of ours, if not for its simplicity then always for its ingenuity. The products and life evidence we find in this wave are constantly those that imitate a natural design or truly incorporate real nature as the design itself. … Read More

Digging in the Dirt: Permaculture Down Under

We find a lot of rarified design concepts in Green Echo like the swordfish inspired motorcycle or octopus beanbag, but taking nature’s cues can be a lot more down to earth. It helps to see GREEN ECHO evidence as a … Read More

Natural Year Phone

Not really sure what to make of this phone. As one blogger pointed while reviewing the device, it’s really not very practical considering the abuse cell phones go through in everyday use. However, the effort is commendable as it took … Read More

Gwanggyo City Center by MVRDV

We are seeing more and more architecture that imitates living forms. Taking the concept beyond skin deep, these buildings often incorporate natural processes for heating and cooling, a blurred distinction between indoor and outdoor space and notions of sustainability. One … Read More