Q315 Topic: Manufactured Identity

Brands are embracing the changes happening in gender… and you should too! … Read More

Little Riley Has Some Good Questions

There’s a really cute viral video doing the rounds of a little girl in the “girls” section of a toy store, surrounded by pink packaging and dolls, asking her father why the boys toys look different and are separated in … Read More

National Man Day

Well, actually it was declared on Monday when thousands of young men joined the facebook group rallying the cause of “standing up and doing manly things.”  Started by two Indiana men, the website urges men all over to participate in … Read More

Not So Hip Chicas…

The first Latina character I saw as a child set the stage for every other young Latina character I would come across on television, movies, and in the music industry: Rosie Perez as Gloria in “White Men Can’t Jump”. For … Read More

Male Prostitution Mainstream?

The French have always been known to be more liberal when it comes to the topic of sex, at least more liberal than we Americans. But recently there seems to be a movement of celebrating the tabooed topic more forcefully … Read More

The Zapotec’s Third Gender: Muxe

Gender equability is the essence of our Yin/Yang Blend wave. It sees the line between the sexes as dotted if it chooses to recognize the line at all. In American culture, we have become incredibly tolerant of male and female … Read More