So how’d you two meet?

In the Deity Complex Wave we see people getting what they want without regard for the trappings of the old way of doing things. You want something, you get it—regardless of the means—and it better be exactly what you want. … Read More

Lee Steps in the Collaboration Ring

Lee Jeans has jumped into the shark pool with Levi’s, and by that I mean they have entered the hectic world of denim collaborations in Japan. … Read More

Awesome Thing Of The Week: R18 Edition

After years and years of Australia losing out on video games simply because the government deemed them too risqué and a DANGER TO THE YOUTH OF THE NATION, Australia will finally have an R18 rating. Gaming companies and gamers alike … Read More


For years, it has been a popular custom for Japanese companies to sell “lucky bags” on New Year’s Day. You purchase a mysterious box of goods for a set price, take it home and open it. You may find something incredibly valuable or something worthless. This is the real world equivalent to a RNG rush, and it’s popping up more and more. … Read More

The $22,000 “Netflix”

I must be in some instant streaming kick, because the last blog I posted was about a Netflix version of video games, and this one is well; Netflix for people with a lot of money to throw around. … Read More

True Blood Botox

With vampires much in vogue—evidenced by the popularity of the Twilight sagas and True Blood HBO series—this remedy for wrinkles doesn’t seem so strange. It’s called the “vampire facelift,” a procedure that uses an injection of the patient’s own blood to puff and smooth. It’s all quite natural. … Read More

Secret Cinema Adds a New Level of Entertainment

If I Told You, You would Have To be Destroyed By Me. … Read More

The New Underground

Bands exist that you can’t look for. … Read More

Pickers, Pawners and Auction Hunters

The reinvention of reality TV from screaming twenty-somethings to screaming adults frantically trying to live their lives has grown fast. And in one area in particular, it’s booming. … Read More

Speakeasy USB Hubs

A new form of file transferring has emerged, almost like a speakeasy USB hub; and it’s sticking out of a wall. … Read More