What Are You Willing to Share?

Share [(shâr)] n.
1. To divide and parcel out in shares; apportion.
2. To participate in, use, enjoy, or experience jointly or in turns.
3. To relate (a secret or experience, for example) to another or others.
4. To accord a share in (something) to another or others: shared her chocolate bar with a friend.
v. shared, shar·ing, shares, share a·ble, shar a·ble adj., shar er n.
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A Rap About “Ross: Dress For Less.” Sure, Why Not?

Have you heard the rap song about Ross, yet?

When I did, my heart swelled: I Finally. Had. An. Anthem. … Read More

Cohabitating in the Recession

In hard times, seeking a cheaper place to stay and the practicality of taking in extra roomies both make sense. It’s called “recession roommate”, and while most people who agree to it hope it lasts only a short time, right now nobody knows how long that will be. … Read More

I Might Not Clip… But I Will Scan!

I have written before how Target is a company that’s not afraid to try new things. So it’s not surprising that they are testing an interesting coupon phone app. This is the kind of thing I would use… as much I appreciate a bargain but am not going to sit ‘n’ clip. … Read More

Fuel Poverty Rising

In Britain, there are two factors seriously impacting the ability to pay the everyday fuel cost of living; rising unemployment and higher energy prices. Sound familiar? Those two factors are creating a similar class of fuel-poor people in the U.S. … Read More

A Premium Opportunity in Trying Times

Welcome to the Post-Prosperity era of American history! The American consumer is hardly recognizable in its current form; thrift conscious, cash starved, coupon clipping, bargain hunting, and just plain doing without, a new animal has emerged. It’s not all bad news though, consumers, now more than ever, are willing to venture into retail territory… … Read More

Getting the Best of Bad Times

People don’t always want what’s good for them, but they like to know there’s at least some good in the bad. In a bad economy, which no one wants, the Flexible Flux Wave points to a striving for equilibrium in unemployment. … Read More

Military Says: We’re Hiring

With high sign on bonuses, competitive salaries, family health insurance, education benefits and job skills for a civilian career, it’s doesn’t take Einstein to understand why in a faltering economy military recruitment is up –way up. And let’s take note … Read More

Shoe Repair Up in the Downturn

An article in the Wall Street Journal tells the story of a profession that has been in decline for decades that is finally seeing an upsurge in business; Shoe Cobblers. Once a thriving business, wealth and the relatively cheap price … Read More

Check It Out, While You Can

We found this to be quite the bittersweet story. It seems that attendances at libraries throughout out Massachusetts are up, drastically. With circulation at some libraries are up as much as 33 percent, librarians are both shocked and thrilled. This … Read More