Food Trends 2016: Coffee Flavor & Flair

Coffee is big right now—The Food Channel identified it on its Top Ten Food Trends for 2016, with a look at coffee rubs, coffee beer, chewable coffee cubes and more. Coffee represents an $81 billion global industry, and is continuing … Read More

Pass Me A Chewy Beverage

SUMMERTIME!!!  Couldn’t you just go for a nice cool beverage?  How about a refreshing mix of flavors you may not be familiar with, and chunky chewy bits floating in it? These Asian style drinks are much more popular in the … Read More

Wants vs. Needs

I came across this glass that is cleverly using design to make a point.  It’s a 16 oz. glass with a hole strategically placed at a line near the top that makes you question whether you really need to fill … Read More

How Does Your Country Party?

So, this is one example of what I’m talking about when I talk about “The Experience.” Smirnoff has launched a cool campaign of cultural exchange, centered around partying. Fourteen countries have signed up for the “experiment in global nightlife culture” and are packing their favourite music, food, dance moves, fashion, bands and DJ’s into one crate and sending it to one of the other countries. … Read More

Chicken of the Scene

BRANDALIZM: “You don’t own your brand – I do.”  These might not have been the exact words these gals were thinking at Last Call when the inspiration for The McNuggetini hit but it still rings true. They posted a step … Read More

The Family That Wears Snuggies Together…

Described as living in the “strange hinterland between the awesome and the horrific” there will be a Snuggie Pub-Crawl in Chicago on Saturday April 18th. Drunk people stumbling around in Snuggies – my friends…that is my idea of a good … Read More

Net Bar Hopping

Most of us know the disappointing feeling of walking into a bar to find its slim pickings regarding members of the opposite sex. Who didn’t realize it was Karaoke night when you and your friends were really just looking to … Read More