Facebook Disguised As A Spreadsheet

Here’s a cheeky campaign that fashion brand DIESEL just launched.  They have made available the Be Stupid at Work app, which turns your Facebook into a Exel spreadsheet.  Why? So you can fool your boss into thinking you are working … Read More

Projecting A New Look

The Human Truth™ of Sensory Appeal™ is “When you add a new sensation, it all seems new”.  Well the visual art trend of projection mapping is truly making things seem brand new! Here’s an impressive example of taking interior design … Read More

Hide Your Laptop in a Fake Newspaper

The evidence in the Guarding™ wave can get pretty heavy.

Images of weapons, security cams, etc come to mind… heck do you remember the Rape Trap?? Well, here’s a piece of evidence that might not be too hardcore but it’s guarding your stuff none the less. Check out ultimate camouflage for your laptop. It’s a sleeve masquerading as the daily newspaper. … Read More