Facebook Night Club & Twitter Cafe

The Virtual Merge™ wave is where the actual world meets the virtual world. I came across a two examples that have been inspired by the big guns of social media. The first sprung up in the surprisingly unlikely place of … Read More


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Tripping the White Fantastic: Part Two

WhiteFi could revolutionize mobile media, save the Radio Industry and generally make the world a better place by fostering new conservation technologies. … Read More

BEHOLD! The Answer to the Digital Music Dilemma!

Industrial Metal act Static-X is offering a unique way for you to remember their concert: Take it home with you. … Read More

Breaking up on Twitter: I cnt blve its ovr

There is a good example of ” The virtual world meeting the actual” over on PSFK Blog Via Razorfish. Michael Harper from Razorfish says: “Last night I had the strangely compelling but deeply awkward experience of watching someone liveblogging the … Read More