24hr Cupcake ATM

The cup cake craze isn’t going anywhere! In fact, I just found out that if I wanted one at 3am, I could drive to the popular Beverly Hills bakery Sprinkles, step up to a cute pink vending machine modeled after … Read More

Cupcake Flavored Vodka

When I think cupcakes – I think Pacifiers™. When I think alcohol – I think Pacifiers™. But when I heard of cupcake flavored vodka – I thought Blechhh! Maybe I’m being too harsh though, because I actually don’t have much … Read More

The Rise of Savory Cupcakes

There’s something alluring about comfort food, and it’s probably got a lot to do with the times we’re living in. It’s an effective and simple form of escapism. Now, take comfort food and turn it upside down, then you have something new with a sense of familiarity. … Read More