Culturewaves Q4: Changing the Conversation

As a consumer of products aimed at preventing signs of, reducing symptoms of, and even offering a reversal of the effects of aging skin, I am starting to notice a shift in marketing. Yes, the aisles are still fully stocked … Read More

Timeless (and timely) Beauty

The ’50s weren’t just a time of peace and prosperity; it was an age of classic beauty personified by Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and others as the silver screen evolved into full-blown Technicolor. Elizabeth Arden is allowing women to step back into that glamorous world… … Read More

Cosmetic Surgery for Kiddies, Becoming Commonplace

Cosmetic surgery for elementary age children is becoming commonplace in Japan. It seems some parents are determined to do whatever it takes for their children to have the perfect face or body. Sometimes, surgery is performed to remove some birth … Read More