Awesome Thing Of The Week: R18 Edition

After years and years of Australia losing out on video games simply because the government deemed them too risqué and a DANGER TO THE YOUTH OF THE NATION, Australia will finally have an R18 rating. Gaming companies and gamers alike … Read More

Speakeasy USB Hubs

A new form of file transferring has emerged, almost like a speakeasy USB hub; and it’s sticking out of a wall. … Read More

We’ll Be the Judge

We’ve all seen it. A company spokesperson, or even the CEO, shows up on TV and tells you what a wonderfully socially responsible company XWZ is. Well now, instead of just helplessly sitting on your couch, Project Label is giving you a chance to throw in your opinion about a company to help create what is called a “social nutrition” label. … Read More

Tweeting Rage

Flying can be frustrating; we all know that. But now there’s a new, instant, and very satisfying way to vent the rage that comes from sitting in a stifling hot airplane for 2 hours and having the pilot announce, “We’ll let you know when we are cleared for takeoff.” You can tweet your hateful outrage right from your seat. … Read More

Twitter Lynch Mob and the Amazon Fail Debacle Part 1

In case you don’t know, it has been a rough couple of days for our friends over at Amazon. If  you haven’t been following the rapidly unfolding drama known as  “Amazon fail” here is a recap. On Sunday, the twittersphere … Read More

“The Phantom Piddler”

There are plenty of instances in which companies and corporations do things that make us feel like we don’t matter.  Demanding respect via blogs, protests, graffiti, exhibitions, even satiric YouTube videos are all ways we’ve seen consumers bite back. But … Read More

“Don’t Forget…”

Recently uploaded to the photo sharing website Flickr, these photographs (amongst others) serve as a reminder behind the reality of the beauty and perfection achieved on billboards and advertisements. Captured at the Kaiserdamm Metro Station in Berlin, Photoshop toolbar screen … Read More

h8 U! Text Messaging Scam?

The number of text messages that will be sent in 2009 is expected to reach 3.3 trillion; a projected increase of 32% from 2007.  Even though it seems like a huge amount of data, experts contend that the bandwidth required … Read More

Playboy Apologizes

Way to go Playboy! Gracing the Mexico edition cover with a naked model bearing a striking resemblance to the revered Virgin Mary and releasing it just before the Mexican festival that honors her? Talk about public relation fiascoes. Released on … Read More

Burger King’s Whopper Controversy

Burger King finds itself the target of the latest in consumer uproar with the release of its advertising campaign entitled “Whopper Virgins”. At the forefront is the slogan “If you want a real opinion about a burger, asks someone who … Read More