Hôtel Americano: Stylish. Simple.

This place is just uber hip, hands down. Which you’d probably expect from a cool, new NYC hotel that’s nestled in the bustling art scene of Chelsea. What stands out to me, is that it’s an awesome example of our … Read More

Bad Service: The Tale Of The Tron Suit

I have a friend who has set out on an interesting DIY journey. It all began with the search for the perfect Halloween costume. He’s a big fan of TRON and was stoked to find an amazing leather, fully functional, … Read More

Projecting A New Look

The Human Truth™ of Sensory Appeal™ is “When you add a new sensation, it all seems new”.  Well the visual art trend of projection mapping is truly making things seem brand new! Here’s an impressive example of taking interior design … Read More

Dulux’s Beautiful Color Crusade

I’m so in love with this gorgeous project! Watch the movie below and I’m sure you will feel the same way. … Read More

The New Market Makeover

Lots of us like to hit the metaphorical fast forward or rewind button. The Human Truth™ of DVR Lifestyle™ is about “Picking the good parts”. … Read More

Standing Ovulation

Ok, I’m not going to contain my excitement over this ad. Hooray Kotex!!! … Read More

It’s Like the Pool Table IS a Pool? Woah.

OK. Seriously. This. Is. Rad.

“The Obscura CueLight is coolest pool table ever, features sensors and a projector that projects an image only where the balls are on the table…” … Read More

Here’s My Card… Yeah, I’m Awesome.

I put in a Thought about a cool business card and it occurred to me that I have seen a lot of inventive business cards recently…

So I thought I throw together a Business Card Collection… … Read More