No, You Don’t Deserve a Cooking Show

For years I have been a late night baker. I’ve spent hours in a fiery rage watching batch after batch of royal icing fail, I’ve facepalmed and cringed as cakes fell flat and cookies burned to a crisp—I think my … Read More

What’s (Millennial) Cooking?

Millennials have taken a lot of flak for the way they live. Previous generations continually disapprove of their smartphone-dependent tendencies, coupled with their incessant need for technology and the internet to survive. However fair or unfair this assessment may be, … Read More

Clever Designs Elevate Good To Great

I’m a firm believer that most ideas can be improved upon. I get a kick when something goes from good, to great.  Or functional to superior. Well, a Japanese dentist must have had the same thoughts when he was cooking … Read More

Bacteria-Killing Cold Plasma

This may well become a major break-through for the food industry. “A new proof-of-concept study conducted by food safety researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia has demonstrated that plasma can be used to kill bacteria on uncooked poultry, vegetables and … Read More

The OCD Cutting Board

First off, the name of this chopping board made me ponder the fact that so many serious mental disorders are bandied around rather flippantly these days.  We all do it! Or if you don’t then I’m sure you seen tweets … Read More

Looking Forward to The ‘Kitchen of the Future’

If Emeril had two heads and four arms, he would do this kitchen justice. … Read More

I Made That…!

When I came across this pic in neemee I was taken by not only the beauty of the tatt but the story behind it. Flickr user Glitch Vixen got a tattoo of an embroidery her grandmother had made in high school. Awwww … Read More

Safer by the Fire

Darfur is one of the most dangerous places on earth. It is so treacherous that women risk their lives simply by going out to look for firewood. Many are killed, abused or even raped as they search for scraps of wood to burn in their stoves. One teenager, thousands of miles away in Maryland, figured our a way to make them safer. … Read More

Kiddie Chef Cooks Big Meals

And we’re not talking chicken strips, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables decorated with kale and parsley. This teen chef’s first stab was at 10 years old when he “presented his folks with pan-seared sea scallops under a balsamic vinegar glaze, accompanied by what he describes as “a wild-mushroom melody.” … Read More

Be a Man: Learn to Cook

Now there’s something you don’t hear every day. Yet poll results proved that most agree. One macho man website, the Art of Manliness, asked readers “Is Cooking Manly?”. A whopping 95% responded yes. Curiously, most men around us don’t –with … Read More