Favors For The Neighbors

College is a busy time. You’re either cramming, rushing off to class or sleeping away a hangover… who has time for grocery shopping? For that matter, who can afford them? Well, this start up is wanting to connect people who … Read More


This is a movie franchise that knows their demographic well.  In fact, they celebrate being a “Stoner Movie.” They gleefully play to the flip side of “Family Friendly Holiday Cheer” in the way that Bad Santa and Christmas Vacation have … Read More

Cut And Paste Plagiarism

College students sitting at their computers downloading music, watching free videos, sharing photos, and writing a paper at the same can easily fall into the trap of grabbing information from Wikipedia and dropping it into their essay or research report without thinking twice. In a cut-paste world, really, what’s the problem? … Read More

Apple Gets Academic Approval

Apple is breaking new ground every day as more people are seeing it as a brand they can trust to take them into the technological future armed and ready for anything. This fall at Seton Hill, incoming freshmen will be supplied with both an iPad and a 13″ MacBook laptop. … Read More

Play Starcraft II, For Your Degree

I’ve talked about the game a little bit before on here, in reference to video game addiction clinics in South Korea, because South Korea loves Starcraft, enough to have television shows devoted to it. In the USA however, that feeling has been somewhat watered down. It’s still loved, but we don’t treat the score leaders like national heroes. We do now, however, offer an honors degree in playing the game. … Read More

Media Addiction in an Age of Technological Immersion

Social Media is the new Television. … Read More

24 Hour Culture is Gaining Ground…..Again.

It’s 3am, do you know where your barber is? … Read More

$1 Per Day To Not Get Pregnant

That’s right, dollar a day to keep babies away! Money is the oldest incentive to reward behavior, and a program funded by the University of North Carolina decided it’d be twice as rewarding to prevent teen pregnancy and up college … Read More