Augmenting Fashion

Augmented reality is bringing new wonders to every industry. Recently, we saw the big impact that Pokémon GO had on gaming. The ubiquity of the smartphone has provided an immediate audience and distribution channel that augmented reality can take advantage … Read More

Q315 Topic: Sex Grows Up

Intentionally controversial, organized sexual rights movements are drawing the spotlight. … Read More

NYC Fashion Week 2015

The rules of fashion and proper etiquette during Fashion Week have been tossed out the window. … Read More

Style never gets old.

Among the well-dressed population, no one stands out more than the senior style icons that so many adore. … Read More

Scanning For A Perfect Fit

I HATE SHOPPING FOR JEANS!!! I guess I have “unusual” proportions, because its always a chore to find the right fit. That’s why when I saw this article I immediately had to check if it was real and not just … Read More

Curated Fashion Meets Online Shopping

“Joyus is simple: Fashion-loving women in their 30s, with disposable income, are digitally native and totally used to shopping online. They naturally turn to their computers or mobile devices for distraction and entertainment, but they don’t have much free time, … Read More

Evian + Issey Miyake

The idea of borrowed brand equity is nothing new; people have been doing it for ages. But what’s refreshing is to see brands that have nothing to do with each other pairing up, and it’s partially why designer bottles is an interesting mix. You’re essentially getting a very accredited brand at a lower price. It’s part of why collaborations have been such a big hit in the past. … Read More

The New Themed Hotels

The themed hotel is both destination worthy and cringe worthy at the same time, depending on your perspective. However, the idea of the themed hotel is resurfacing and it’s looking pretty good. … Read More

‘Boyfriend’ Cut Clothing: A Better Design, a Stupid Name.

I should just sell all the clothes out of my closet. I could make a fortune off of ‘Boyfriend’ cut clothing. … Read More

A Premium Opportunity in Trying Times

Welcome to the Post-Prosperity era of American history! The American consumer is hardly recognizable in its current form; thrift conscious, cash starved, coupon clipping, bargain hunting, and just plain doing without, a new animal has emerged. It’s not all bad news though, consumers, now more than ever, are willing to venture into retail territory… … Read More