CultureWaves Q4: Genetic Control

There are certain things we take for granted over which we have control. What we eat for dinner, what shows we binge watch, with whom we spend time, and even what blogs we read—but how about your DNA? While it … Read More

Passing Judgment

‘Tis the season for passing judgment. “What have you done to your hair?” “You’ve put on some weight, huh?” “Why can’t you come home for the holidays? You like your in-laws better than us?” Don’t answer any of those. We … Read More

No Room At The Inn

A family in England are offering their donkey’s stable for people wanting to experience the “true meaning of Christmas“. For £12 a night during this holiday season people can bed down with Buggins the donkey and, by the looks of … Read More

A Christmas Concierge

Do you cringe when you see retailers dragging out the Christmas stuff as soon as they’ve taken down the Halloween decorations? Does holiday muzac make you want to stab your ears with a rusty nail? Are you the type that … Read More

Rapt With This Wrapping

I might have a hard time deciding what to get people as Christmas presents but this wrapping paper is awesome!  If they are disappointed with what inside their present, then they can have fun with this great example of Virtual … Read More

Between Dawkins & Evangelism: The Religious Independents

I’m definitely not a “ Bah! Humbug(er)!”-I love Christmas! I’m a technically termed a Catholic but if we were sticking to “The Rules”–I wouldn’t be a very “good” one. … Read More

Santa Shuts Down Shop Due To Sex Offender Scare

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about this Christmas, now the Post Office has shut down it’s “Operation Santa” because of a recent incident involving a sex offender. A Postal Service official in Washington, after an initial, limited … Read More