Sales Fatigue

I feel a little guilty for this one, adding yet another email to your inbox this early in January—now that you’ve finally gotten all those “special deals” cleared out. But that’s exactly what prompted writing this. … Read More

Sneaker Shrine

San Francisco-based product designer Fernando A. Robert must really be proud of his shoe collection. I get it. That is to say, I know A BUNCH of guys who are card carrying SNEAKERFREAKERS. When I saw this,qwq I immediately forwarded … Read More

One Store. One Choice.

With all the choices that exist, buying gifts for the holidays can, at times, seem overwhelming. Last holiday season, EA Sports simplified the whole process by setting up two of its own stores to sell only one item. … Read More

Wordr: Say it all with One Word

Brevity is wit! That is the claim of new micro-blogging service Wordr. If typing 160 character updates is simply too cumbersome, you might give this new service a try. … Read More

Listening Impaired

Modern technology is retraining our youth and creating a whole new generation so overwhelmed by the visual nature and choice of the Web, they have diminished listening skills. That’s the conclusion of The Lord Chief Justice in Britain. … Read More

Flying High and Happy

One airline is taking the Private Pampering Wave seriously. Virgin Atlantic Airways is treating passengers to something it calls “Airphoria” that delivers, in it words, “a truly unique flying experience for the increasingly frustrated and disappointed business traveler.” … Read More

Managing Social Networks

For those of us in the business industry, we are all well aware of the importance of personal branding and self promotion. We know that social networks can be a valuable way of achieving success, but with the number of … Read More

Luxury Hotel Launches eBooks On Demand

From the hotel that brought us the $10,000 cocktail and found itself recently listed in Cat Fancy magazines top 10 cat friendly resorts, New York City’s historic Algonquin Hotel has made some headlines again with its ambition to continuously keep … Read More

Gift Girl

Attention all men out there, this website is just for you, but ultimately for your girl. The shopping malls are overcrowded, the internet is overwhelming. We understand that when it comes to shopping for your girl, your mother, your sister, … Read More

Doing One Thing… Well

Ok, so tech fetishists love to brag about how many wide and varied features their new device has but… some people just want simplicity in their life.  Take a Peek at “Peek”, which tackles just a single task: mobile email. … Read More