Q315 Topic: The Brand Crusade

Trying to fit in a good deed for the day is a challenge for consumers already striving to find a work-life balance in their hectic schedules. … Read More


Fundraising and charity efforts have evolved from black-tie corporate events in gala ballrooms and cheesy telethons to helping your neighbor fix his car by sending him money from your phone. … Read More

Facebook’s “Giving” Apps

Even though people are divided on the new Facebook Timeline, along with it came something that you can’t deny is a good thing. You’ll find the first 3 portals for non-profits under the category of “Giving” in the new App … Read More

Storm Trooper Turns Away From The Darkside

Ok Forest Gump, you ran across the USA… now how about doing it across Australia in a Storm Trooper costume?? Huh?? Yeh… Didn’t think so. That’s right folks one man is doing a challenge so great, that it’s almost inconceivable. … Read More

Mark Joins Billionaires Who Are Giving It Back

Here’s a story that gave me a warm glow as we head into the Holidays.  In this world where so few have the majority of wealth – more than any one person could even possibly spend- it’s so great to … Read More

Not A Bad Idea

There are plenty of good deeds to do if you just know where to go and how to get involved. That’s the idea behind GET UR GOOD ON™, a site that encourages a wealth of volunteer and community service possibilities. It’s sponsored by Youth Service America and provides both emotional and financial support. … Read More

Do Good – It’s Actually Pretty Simple Folks

My roommate and I don’t have a car. Recently, she went on an expedition to buy several huge bags of mulch for the garden. While in the checkout queue, she mused to the cashier about whether a cab would be cool with such a cargo “don’t like your chances” was the reply. … Read More

Charitable Editions:Charity Driven Products.

How do you maintain a positive image of your brand? How can you incorporate giving back to the community as well as product innovation into one product? Charitable Editions. … Read More

Santa Shuts Down Shop Due To Sex Offender Scare

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about this Christmas, now the Post Office has shut down it’s “Operation Santa” because of a recent incident involving a sex offender. A Postal Service official in Washington, after an initial, limited … Read More

The Lunchbox Auction

Artists or not the creators of these lunchboxes had one only thing in mind when handcrafting and decorating their masterpieces: hunger. And it’s very nice to see the affluent of the affluent among fashion, music, and culinary celebrity worlds are … Read More