Will Young People Change Phone Etiquette?

I am very well aware of the problems the theater world has with attracting younger audiences. It seems the larger, more mains stage the theater is, the older the patrons get. So I understand the need to get creative with … Read More

Texting Over Talking

One of my friends had a minor “rant” on Facebook the other day that I’m sure he wouldn’t remind me repeating here: “Soapbox of the day: The advantage of texting is that you can relay information on your own time … Read More

Here it is, the Dumbphone

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Phone Fight!

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Lights Out

If you’ve looked for a new cell phone lately, you probably walked away from the experience with your eyes crossed. Except for the high end, the differences between phones are miniscule, yet the choices seem limitless. But this one is different. It sees in the dark. … Read More