No, You Don’t Deserve a Cooking Show

For years I have been a late night baker. I’ve spent hours in a fiery rage watching batch after batch of royal icing fail, I’ve facepalmed and cringed as cakes fell flat and cookies burned to a crisp—I think my … Read More

The Rise Of Social Curation / Commerce

Have you noticed more and more people talking about Pinterest lately? Do you think it’s just an online scrapbook or “vision board”? If that’s the case, think again: “Pinterest is the hottest thing in social content curation right now and … Read More

Celeb Sanctuary

The essence of Brand Sanctuary™ is “using trusted names as a shield”.  This usually means product names that we’ve grown up with, or choose to use above all others because we perceive them as “the best”.  In the world of … Read More

Cosmetic Wane

If you’re thinking of ditching your day job and moving to Hollywood to become the ‘next big thing,’ you better think twice before plumping, botoxing or augmenting. … Read More

Viral to a T

Viral videos aren’t new, but one that hits this big is-and it’s pulling in big bucks for T-Pain. It’s a video that advertises T-Pain’s new iPhone™ app called “I Am T-Pain” and for only $2.99 it can record your own voice with the same auto-tune effect that T-Pain uses. … Read More

The Lunchbox Auction

Artists or not the creators of these lunchboxes had one only thing in mind when handcrafting and decorating their masterpieces: hunger. And it’s very nice to see the affluent of the affluent among fashion, music, and culinary celebrity worlds are … Read More