Taiwan Seeks To Make A Big Statement

This is one of those pictures you see online and automatically think: “Wow, cool concept… probably wont see the light of day though.” Well, believe it or not, this mesmerizing feat of engineering may actually become Taiwan’s version of the … Read More

Leafy Looking Electricity

Big solar panels can be so, well…let’s just say it, ugly. The Solar Ivy “leaves” you see in the below photo, by comparison, are more beautiful and a much more pleasing fit with the environment. They’re also cheaper to produce than the huge flat, colorless panels, cheaper to replace, and have the same kind of potential to cut down your cost of electricity. … Read More

3D Printers Could Be Used to Build a Moon Base

3D printing has the potential to revolutionize industrial thinking. … Read More

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Subway Store!

When you’re building a skyscraper and working the top floors, getting to a sandwich shop is way out of your way. But what if the sandwich shop came to you? That’s exactly what’s happening on the building site at ground zero in New York City. … Read More

The DiYBio Movement: Garage Science!

A new movement is forming utilizing garage science! … Read More