She Said Yes

Stop the presses! Barbie and Ken are back together! Well, perhaps it’s not that dramatic, but for an on and off couple of over 40 years they’re ready to tell the world with a brand reboot. … Read More

New Era Enters Well.. a New Era

New Era has always had its place in pop culture, with celebrities wearing the coveted baseball caps everywhere. However, very rarely has it broken from the tried and tested formula of the baseball cap for sports teams. … Read More

Would You Like Fries With That? “I DO”

Theme weddings can be very cool. To me it seems like the perfect chance to project who you are as a couple to your family, your friends or even the world! To me a “perfect” wedding would be triumph of self-expression. … Read More

Apple Gets Academic Approval

Apple is breaking new ground every day as more people are seeing it as a brand they can trust to take them into the technological future armed and ready for anything. This fall at Seton Hill, incoming freshmen will be supplied with both an iPad and a 13″ MacBook laptop. … Read More

The Live Action Graphic Novel; Comic Theater

So Spider-Man’s Broadway musical Turn Off The Dark is a thing. … Read More

Play Starcraft II, For Your Degree

I’ve talked about the game a little bit before on here, in reference to video game addiction clinics in South Korea, because South Korea loves Starcraft, enough to have television shows devoted to it. In the USA however, that feeling has been somewhat watered down. It’s still loved, but we don’t treat the score leaders like national heroes. We do now, however, offer an honors degree in playing the game. … Read More

Dulux’s Beautiful Color Crusade

I’m so in love with this gorgeous project! Watch the movie below and I’m sure you will feel the same way. … Read More

Brand New Brand Territory

A few years ago, Shrek and M&M’s came out with the “Shrek Size”, which were really just bigger M&M’s, but who doesn’t love candy when it’s like five times the original size? But now, we have Shrek nail polish. … Read More

I Might Not Clip… But I Will Scan!

I have written before how Target is a company that’s not afraid to try new things. So it’s not surprising that they are testing an interesting coupon phone app. This is the kind of thing I would use… as much I appreciate a bargain but am not going to sit ‘n’ clip. … Read More