Inherent Loyalty

Remember high school, when you became friends with one person and suddenly had another friend or two because of them? It was our early exposure to “related loyalty,” where you loved one thing, and gained another. Loyalty has entered a … Read More

Brand New Brand Territory

A few years ago, Shrek and M&M’s came out with the “Shrek Size”, which were really just bigger M&M’s, but who doesn’t love candy when it’s like five times the original size? But now, we have Shrek nail polish. … Read More

April Fools, Internet Rage

You can find anything online on April Fool’s Day, canned unicorn meat, pets as food, fake movie and game trailers, altered headlines. And while this is all in good fun, for those of us in the insight world it means twenty-four hours of “is this true” and verification time. But I won’t go into that, what I think is more interesting is the spirit of online April Fools jokes. … Read More

Biking Your Way Downhill With Your Fanbase

While Nintendo may be very successful with the Wii, the consoles constant casual gamer focus is slowly driving its older fans away from the system. … Read More