Cocktails With Character

Summer fun season is upon us. This means BBQ’s and parties filling up weekend calendars. Everyone wants their’s to be memorable, in this vein, I’m noticing a trend of themed cocktails. Two recent blockbusters have received a cocktail recipe treatment.  … Read More

Losing Your Self In Literature

Here’s an eye-catching campaign that fits nicely in the Living Vicariously™ wave. It’s called “Become Someone Else. Pick your hero at Mint Vinetu” by Lithuania based Love Agency.  The print ads seek to encourage people to lose themselves in literature.  … Read More

The Return of the Wicked Witch?

Over the years we’ve watched the rise and fall of horror archetypes. We’ve blogged about a few of them too, from vampires to werewolves. And now things are lining up that point to a possible revival of the wicked witch. … Read More

The Future Of Publishing – Eye Of The Beholder?

I would think every generation has opinions about other generations…especially those younger than them. Gen X & Y often seem criticized and/or misunderstood by Boomers and beyond. … Read More

For once, the Net actually Encouraged Reading

Machine of Death is an anthology of speculative short stories about people who know how (but not when) they are going to die. The authors got clever and asked everyone who was planning to buy the book to do so on the day it was released, Oct. 26, so they could place high on the Amazon sales charts. … Read More

Brace Yourself for the ‘Age of Light’

With people saying they’re depressed because they don’t live in the world of ‘Smurfgully, The Last Dances with Blue Cat People,’ is there a new era of entertainment on the horizon? … Read More

The Complete National Geographic

If there’s something that I’ve always loved and can remember doing often as a kid, it’s flipping through National Geographic magazines at my house. We had shelves upon shelves of the familiar yellow clad books sitting around. Probably twenty or so years worth. … Read More

Publishing Without Paper

Who’s the biggest publisher in the world? Soon the answer just might be Google™. In a recent legal settlement with book publishers and authors, Google has the go ahead to begin scanning millions of out-of-print books and to make them available for reading and buying online. … Read More

Check It Out, While You Can

We found this to be quite the bittersweet story. It seems that attendances at libraries throughout out Massachusetts are up, drastically. With circulation at some libraries are up as much as 33 percent, librarians are both shocked and thrilled. This … Read More

Luxury Hotel Launches eBooks On Demand

From the hotel that brought us the $10,000 cocktail and found itself recently listed in Cat Fancy magazines top 10 cat friendly resorts, New York City’s historic Algonquin Hotel has made some headlines again with its ambition to continuously keep … Read More