Culturewaves Q4: Changing the Conversation

As a consumer of products aimed at preventing signs of, reducing symptoms of, and even offering a reversal of the effects of aging skin, I am starting to notice a shift in marketing. Yes, the aisles are still fully stocked … Read More

CultureWaves Q2: Super Beyond Foods

Super Beyond Foods is a topic in our current quarterly report, which you can download here. When you hear the term “superfoods,” you might think of fresh vegetables, exotic fruits and hard-to-pronounce herbal ingredients found in a vitamin bottle. These … Read More

Redefining Beauty

You may have noticed a shift in advertising in the beauty industry lately, with a focus on unconventional beauty and an increase in showcasing unique styles and atypical models. This transition is due, in part, to consumer demand for equal … Read More

True Blood Botox

With vampires much in vogue—evidenced by the popularity of the Twilight sagas and True Blood HBO series—this remedy for wrinkles doesn’t seem so strange. It’s called the “vampire facelift,” a procedure that uses an injection of the patient’s own blood to puff and smooth. It’s all quite natural. … Read More

Let’s Get Hairy

The smooth clean-cut look at the University of Maine is abandoned for a month every year when it observes “No Shave November”—and it’s not only for men sporting beards. … Read More

Brand New Brand Territory

A few years ago, Shrek and M&M’s came out with the “Shrek Size”, which were really just bigger M&M’s, but who doesn’t love candy when it’s like five times the original size? But now, we have Shrek nail polish. … Read More

Makeup’s battle for androgyny.

So, the rise of the male polish begins. And I’m not just talking about Cuccio’s spa line. You’ve got your share of retail products as well, from Europop lines to “Man Glaze”. … Read More

Germany Bans Teen Tanning

Germany’s lower house of parliament has set a motion to ban anyone under the age of 18 from using a tanning bed in an effort to battle skin cancer. … Read More

Loss Of Innocence

Here are the true “modern day scenarios” of what happened to our childhood fairytale princesses. Belle. Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, even Jasmine –all fallen to a world of hatred, disease, gluttony, superficiality, and heartbreak. The artist, Dina Goldstein, says of … Read More

Fear the Buff Culture

Way out in right field, from a strange little country named Japan, comes this oddity. Is it a space age ninja accessory? Is it a Hannibal Lector Halloween costume for Ladies? No, it is the latest in beauty technology, a … Read More