Axe Deodorant Invites Voyeurism

Lynx/Axe deodorant launched an Australian campaign that turned a Sydney terrace house into a peeping tom’s delight. They fitted out the windows with LED screens that play raunchy videos which can be seen only with polarized sunglasses. As they continue … Read More

We All Scream For Ice Cream

I love this ambient campaign from Streets ice-cream, Australia. They are letting passers-by share a fun video of themselves online. You may remember this film technique was first made famous by the Matrix films. The technology involves a bunch of … Read More

Storm Trooper Turns Away From The Darkside

Ok Forest Gump, you ran across the USA… now how about doing it across Australia in a Storm Trooper costume?? Huh?? Yeh… Didn’t think so. That’s right folks one man is doing a challenge so great, that it’s almost inconceivable. … Read More


Earlier this month, America celebrated the Fourth of July. Or as it’s known in my neighborhood: “Fireworks-are-too-fun-to-be-illegal day.” … Read More

Fast And Furious – The New Speed of Dealing With Backlash

Here’s an example of “people power” reversing a decision in a matter of hours. Ad company Adshel initially agreed to take to take down safe sex posters created by JuniorBrisbane for QAHC (Queensland Association for Healthy Communities) after claiming it … Read More

Crisis And The Web: The Internet As Headquarters

I have been in Brisbane for the past few weeks visiting with family and friends, and therefore have had a front row seat to a “disaster of biblical proportions“.  I’m at a loss for words when I try to describe … Read More

Awesome Thing Of The Week: R18 Edition

After years and years of Australia losing out on video games simply because the government deemed them too risqué and a DANGER TO THE YOUTH OF THE NATION, Australia will finally have an R18 rating. Gaming companies and gamers alike … Read More

Suggestive Selling in a “Man Drought”

So you may or may not have already heard of the “Australian Man Drought”.   It’s a recent phenom that entails eligible city dwelling Aussie bachelors heading overseas for extended working holidays or high paying salaries.   Hey, I’m reporting from the … Read More