A Surprising Porta Potty Experience

We curate some pretty kooky stuff in the Sensory Appeal™ wave. Sensory Appeal™ is about playing around with the senses by changing taste, touch, smells, colors and sounds in way that make you appreciate something in a new light. Unless … Read More

Taiwan Seeks To Make A Big Statement

This is one of those pictures you see online and automatically think: “Wow, cool concept… probably wont see the light of day though.” Well, believe it or not, this mesmerizing feat of engineering may actually become Taiwan’s version of the … Read More

What Is Biophilia?

Green Echo™ is such an interesting wave to me, but at first glance, one could dismiss it as fancy art or science projects. Well, I came a cross a fine example of Green Echo™, that shows you specifically how nature … Read More

Indoor “Camping”

Trust Berlin to make staying in a trailer uber cool.  This converted vacuum cleaner factory has been converted into the kind of place I would describe as a “destination hotel”.  The concept is out-the-ordinary and quirky enough to make you … Read More

When Good Things Come In Small Packages

I saw two interesting articles that were about achieving the same goal:  To downsize using space saving techniques in order to simplify a dwelling.  Yeah, pretty much the opposite of “MTV Cribs”.  These are really smart, effective design examples that … Read More

Arborsmithing has given way to ‘Biotecture’

For those who haven’t ever stumbled across arborsmithing (or ‘tree shaping’), it’s essentially “the craft of cultivating and training perennial woody plants to grow into ornamental shapes and useful implements.” That means you shape trees naturally, over time, into things like chairs, ornaments and bridges … Read More

Walking the Talk

Five decades ago The World Wildlife Fund came on the scene and has been making waves ever since. Well, they’re setting quite a standard with their HQ in the Netherlands. But so they should!

With so much “greenwashing” going on these days it is heartening when a company not only embraces exactly what it is they stand for, but leads by example in the innovation dept. too. … Read More

Gwanggyo City Center by MVRDV

We are seeing more and more architecture that imitates living forms. Taking the concept beyond skin deep, these buildings often incorporate natural processes for heating and cooling, a blurred distinction between indoor and outdoor space and notions of sustainability. One … Read More