The Evolving Experience of Shopping at Amazon

“Amazon’s push into trying to create a unique new retail experience may persuade other traditional retailers to begin organizing their products in a similar fashion, showing consumers what other consumers are attracted to, purchasing and yearning for—versus what the brand … Read More

CultureWaves Q2: Unique Partnerships

To view our Q2 Trend Report, click here. Facebook and L’Oreal just partnered to bring you virtual makeovers. Did your eyes stop at the seemingly odd combo of Facebook, a social media platform, and L’Oreal, a beauty and cosmetics retail … Read More

Inherent Loyalty

Remember high school, when you became friends with one person and suddenly had another friend or two because of them? It was our early exposure to “related loyalty,” where you loved one thing, and gained another. Loyalty has entered a … Read More

Shopping & Shipping Green has always been a greener way to shop because your car stays in your garage the whole time. Now even the shipping is greener. Instead of all those boxes that pile up, Amazon has introduced the Amazon Tote to the Seattle area. Your order is delivered in a free re-useable tote. … Read More

China is Well On It’s Way To Changing the World

E-reader craze could be the start of a change who’s ramifications will effect the entire world. … Read More

Publishing Without Paper

Who’s the biggest publisher in the world? Soon the answer just might be Google™. In a recent legal settlement with book publishers and authors, Google has the go ahead to begin scanning millions of out-of-print books and to make them available for reading and buying online. … Read More

Twitter Lynch Mob and the Amazon Fail Debacle Part 2

Fail Fast: “Amazon Fail” and Unprecedentedly Fast Spread of information on the Social Web.

From Wikipedia: Crowds that gather on behalf of a grievance can involve herding behavior that turns violent, particularly when confronted by an opposing ethnic or racial group.- Behavior in crowds … Read More

Twitter Lynch Mob and the Amazon Fail Debacle Part 1

In case you don’t know, it has been a rough couple of days for our friends over at Amazon. If  you haven’t been following the rapidly unfolding drama known as  “Amazon fail” here is a recap. On Sunday, the twittersphere … Read More