Cocktails With Character

Summer fun season is upon us. This means BBQ’s and parties filling up weekend calendars. Everyone wants their’s to be memorable, in this vein, I’m noticing a trend of themed cocktails. Two recent blockbusters have received a cocktail recipe treatment.  … Read More

The Freedom Flask®

Some of the evidence I put in the Barely Legal wave is just down right hilarious. We have already heard of the Wine Rack Bra and the Beer Belly, but let me introduce you to the Freedom Flask! It’s a … Read More

Cupcake Flavored Vodka

When I think cupcakes – I think Pacifiers™. When I think alcohol – I think Pacifiers™. But when I heard of cupcake flavored vodka – I thought Blechhh! Maybe I’m being too harsh though, because I actually don’t have much … Read More

Fancy A Beer For Breakfast?

Health authorities in New Zealand are up in arms over a new alcoholic beverage being marketed as “Breakfast Beer”.  Ummm, I’m an Aussie and Kiwi’s are basically like us with weirder accents, and having a beer at any time of … Read More

Make It A Bourbon On The Rocks… Or, Er… Tongue

There’s a fierce debate raging among my friends about whether this Jim Beam viral is gross or sexy. I’m falling more in the sexy camp… perhaps Sexily Gross? Whatever camp you fall in, you must admit it’s a fairly engaging … Read More

Let’s Get Drunk!

Ahhhhhh is it Friday yet? C’mon…let’s get wasted! Who’s in?

Ok, maybe not right now as we’ve all got work to do. But I’m trying to make a point. Have you noticed a growing amount of “drunkenness” acceptability lately? I have. And as an Aussie that’s saying something. … Read More

The Wedding Cocktail

When it’s time to toast the bride and groom these days, more often than not they want the drink in the glass to be a one-of-a-kind cocktail mixed and named especially for them. And what could make a guest feel more a part of the wedding than being greeted by a server offering a special drink in “honor of the special couple.” … Read More

Taken Not Stirred

Flexible Flux™ is a cheeky wave… it’s pretty much about convincing yourself, or feeling “less guilty” about decisions. Putting “some good stuff in my bad stuff”™ is the Human Truth of this Wave but even that’s a bit of a stretch for this crazy “breakthrough” I read about yesterday. … Read More

The Date Rape Prevention Coaster

A company called Drink Safe Texas has produced some clever products that guard against drink tampering. Now something as ubiquitous as a drink coaster can prevent date rape. Several Texan bars are using them to test for substances such as GHB and ketamine- two popular “date-rape” drugs. … Read More

Starbucks Evolution

I did a search for the tag Brand Sanctuary™ in Neemee today and Starbucks popped up 3 times on the first page. Hmmm what are they up to?

Starbucks is going back to its “premium-coffeehouse roots — by building premium coffeehouses. The chain, in the latest attempt to negotiate its turnaround, is focusing on stores with smaller-batch coffee, community involvement and entertainment. … Read More