Guess Who’s Coming To Breakfast?

Let me first say, that in my opinion, wild animals belong in the wild. Yet, as sad as it is, that places like this have to be created to save them from poaching and slaughter from local governments, it makes … Read More

Unlikely Art

We’ve all seen them. The images of bare-footed children so skinny their filth stained clothes would better fit hangers. They wear bottomless expressions of sorrow and hunger, the faces of those forced to live in squalor and filth. Violence and … Read More

It Pays to Medicate

It’s a fact in third-world countries that many TB patients often fail to take their medication on a regular basis, but for free cell phone minutes they will. Here’s how it works. MIT students came up with a new testing and reporting system that encourages patients to stick with their treatment plan by giving them incentives. … Read More