Passing Judgment

‘Tis the season for passing judgment. “What have you done to your hair?” “You’ve put on some weight, huh?” “Why can’t you come home for the holidays? You like your in-laws better than us?” Don’t answer any of those. We … Read More

Marketing Immersion

Residents around the city of London have reported seeing humanoid robots roaming the streets. Does this mean that the android uprising is finally among us? Thankfully, not yet. This is all just some clever marketing stunt put together to help … Read More

Double the Indulgence

Left to their own devices, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s burgers would never be considered sexy. … Read More

Liquid-Plumr Ad “Goes There”

I this found this “saucy number” over at AdWeek, have you seen it yet? “Liquid-Plumr has a product called Double Impact. So, really, what choice did DDB San Francisco have but to create the innuendo-stuffed spot below with a housewife … Read More

Face Scanning For Gender Biased Advertising

Science fiction is becoming fact, faster than you may think. It seems a children’s charity called Plan UK has a campaign, called “Because I Am a Girl,” to benefit female education in 3rd World countries. The ad will include a … Read More

Volkswagen On The Bandwagon?

Alright, so here’s a promotion I can’t quite wrap my head around. I have grown up with a mother that has very fond memories of VW’s. Her first car was a Beetle and she trailed across Europe in the 60’s … Read More

Heinz: Personalized “Get Well” Soup

It may still feel like summer in Los Angeles right now, but my friend in Scotland says it’s already getting quite chilly. Yes folks, cold & flu season is on it’s way. That’s why this is such a cool campaign … Read More

Beyond A Brand

With the internet absolutely flooded with tributes, tweets and articles about Steve jobs and his amazing legacy…  you could be completely forgiven for not wanting to read another one. However, as long time followers of this blog would know, I’m … Read More

Tom Ford Is At It Again

Tom Ford seems to have three careers. One is a famous fashion designer, then he turned his hand to film directing… and the third seems to be making feminists furious with his photoshoots. This latest one is no exception. Yes,  … Read More

Fast And Furious – The New Speed of Dealing With Backlash

Here’s an example of “people power” reversing a decision in a matter of hours. Ad company Adshel initially agreed to take to take down safe sex posters created by JuniorBrisbane for QAHC (Queensland Association for Healthy Communities) after claiming it … Read More