Can You Do Nothing For 2mins?

As someone that has a love of Yoga and meditation, I thought this will be a breeze.  But about 30 secs in, I got a text and instinctively, completely unthinkingly, I picked up my phone to read it.  Now, technically … Read More

Branding the Arts

Studies claim that the Internet is making people stupid; that the access to information and the rise of texting is going to cause a perfect storm of illiteracy and attention deficit disorder. Is the answer branded arts and literature? … Read More

The Span of Attention

Admit it! You see this POV in your inbox, you’ve glanced at how long it is, and you’re weighing whether or not you can afford the time to read it. Or perhaps you are looking fr something to sink your teeth into because you DO have the time and want to digest something thoroughly? … Read More