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CultureWaves offers custom products that help you understand the motivations behind behavior, whether you work in B2C or B2B. Our software, fed by trained curators, delves into the client perspective–to see how decisions are shaped by need-based behavior. In other words, we give you the “why.”



VOICE combines observed device behavior with observed need-based behavior, using CultureWaves’ proprietary ontology. It is an advanced audience identification platform that goes even deeper into the “why,” but also gives you an audience profile so you understand more about what drives them, what interests them, and what type of messaging or products will attract them. VOICE goes beyond traditional reported behavior and identifies business opportunities using a combination of human and artificial intelligence, and we do it at scale. Use VOICE to identify your B2B or B2C audience behaviors for messaging and innovation.
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IDENTITY uses a similar process as VOICE, resulting in Personas and Archetypes, with one clear distinction—the behavior is observed repeatedly over time, rather than during a one-time defined period. This allows a brand to measure and analyze the changes in need-based behavior month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter. Use it to identify and track needs of your audience over time, and index this need-based behavior against not just your own history, but your competitors’ as well.
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A SCOUT is an overview of a category, showing where it was, where it is, and where it’s headed. This product answers the question of why the category has shifted and shows where it may be headed next. Use it to identify category trends to help focus your brand on what is happening in your segment.



A DIVE is a more extensive examination of a category that provides the evidence, the evolutionary timelines, and the “why” of that evolution. This product delves deeper into why the needs have developed and helps determine opportunities for the brand to meet those needs. Use it to identify opportunities for your brand—to see where you can create a product or service to fill the gap, or where you can better message your target about your current offerings.

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We always start with behavior, and end with behavior defined and ready to use, with a series of actionable steps included. Call to start a conversation. Or, if you hate talking on the phone, send us an email. We are confidential, sign NDA’s, and we offer category exclusivity when possible.

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