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Custom Insight Solutions

CultureWaves offers products that help delve into the client perspective–monitored by our curators and shaped by behavior in order to tell the story of consumer needs.



The CultureWaves DIVE: A deep look into what is influencing a category. Can be custom designed to include flavor curves, adoption timeline and behavior segmentation.



The CultureWaves SCOUT: A quick update on key category insights supported by consumer and/or market behavior examples.



First-of-its-kind, needs-based segmentation solution combining AI (artificial intelligence) and HI (human intelligence). Our science reveals your most valuable customer types through their digital behavior. By monitoring key personas and archetypes on a regular basis, you can track, analyze, and observe shifts in behavior to gain insights on your core customers and uncover new segments to grow your business. Learn More »

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We always start with behavior, and end with behavior defined and ready to use, with a series of actionable steps included. Call to start a conversation. Or, if you hate talking on the phone, send us an email. We are confidential, sign NDA’s, and we offer category exclusivity when possible.

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