Bringing Data to Life

Segmentation to Define the Audience

  • Capture 160+ billion digital and location signals daily
  • Track device/web behavior a specific period of time
  • Use Ai algorithms to segment activity into website affinity clusters

Segmentation to Refine the Audience

Translate segments into:

  • Personas
  • Archetypes

Identify their behavior by:

  • Needs
  • Drivers
  • Generactions

Continuous Human Analysis of Big Data

IDENTITY is used to identify and track the needs of your defined audience over time. Personas are built from a single need (as though a person were a “need”) and do not depend on alignment with other needs. This allows you, as a brand, to watch the needs of your Personas and Archetypes and build your products and services specifically to meet those needs.

While its process is similar to VOICE, resulting in Personas and Archetypes, there is one clear distinction—with IDENTITY, the behavior is observed repeatedly over time, rather than during a one-time defined period. This allows your brand to measure and analyze the changes in need-based behavior month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter.

Humanized behavior, creating relevance out of big data, and answering WHY this need is important. That gives you information that will help set your brand apart.

Identify your brand’s high value audiences by “need”

IDENTITY relies on a combination of AI and HI to identify and analyze the specific needs and motivations that drive behavior. When you know the needs, you can respond accordingly.

Built with transparent & anonymous data

We do not use any kind of data that violates PII (personally identifiable data) standards.

Delineate how your products & services meet the identified needs

IDENTITY shows you where your opportunity is to meet the need of your target. It’s a simple equation: Gain market share by meeting the needs of those consumers.

Integrate into your ongoing monitoring efforts

Understand your target’s needs and then watch how those needs change and shift over time, so you can adjust your messaging and innovation accordingly. Put big data to work for your brand and keep it working month after month.

Get A Clear Picture of Your Customer Behavior

1. Identify

Define the Audience

160 billion data points logged daily…

Segmentation in real time.

Actual customer behavior…

See what customers do, not what they SAY they do.

Geo-Fencing key locations…

See what happens at your sites AND your competitors.

Find hidden audiences…

Find the customers you’re missing or unsuccessfully pursuing.

Define customers' online digital footprints…

Locate where your customers hangout online.

With IDENTITY, you can identify and segment your audience by behavior. We give you their interests, their needs, and their motivations.

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2. Understand

Understand the Big Picture

Maslow needs-states behavior analysis…

Why do customers do what they do?

Virtually launch new products and services…

Just how big will your next big thing be?

Compare your data to your competitors’

Where are you setting the trends, and where are you lagging behind?

Our results are filtered through the lenses of your category and your brand. Think about it. More than 160 billion digital and physical consumer signals daily at your disposal, complete with the analysis that gives you precise messaging and placement opportunities.

identity 1

Personas & Archetypes

3. Engage

Provide Actionable Insights

Need-states analysis produces ideal messaging…

Speak the language your customers speak.

Place ads in proven locations…

Intersect your customers where you know they’ll be.

Steal market share

Protect the market share you’re dominating in, and target those audiences where you’re underperforming.

Observed behavior gives you what your consumer really cares about, so you can speak to them in their language. Your information becomes more relevant and more relied upon because you are following their actions, not their words.

identity 3

Action Plans

Understand & Monitor Your Audience by Need, on an ongoing basis.

Sound Interesting? Give Us A Try

We always start with behavior, and end with behavior defined and ready to use, with a series of actionable steps included. Call to start a conversation. Or, if you hate talking on the phone, send us an email. We are confidential, sign NDA’s, and we offer category exclusivity when possible.

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