Redefining Beauty

You may have noticed a shift in advertising in the beauty industry lately, with a focus on unconventional beauty and an increase in showcasing unique styles and atypical models. This transition is due, in part, to consumer demand for equal … Read More

Women in Entertainment Are Leading The Charge

As strong women in entertainment offer us new characters to follow, they also set the stage for women everywhere to follow suit–offering stronger, more empowered role models that embody what the modern woman can be. … Read More

The Military Spouse of the Year Is A SAHD

There were six nominees—five women and one man named Jeremy Hilton, who was as surprised as everyone else when he took home the title of 2012’s “Military Spouse of the Year”. This is the first year the title has ever … Read More

Little Riley Has Some Good Questions

There’s a really cute viral video doing the rounds of a little girl in the “girls” section of a toy store, surrounded by pink packaging and dolls, asking her father why the boys toys look different and are separated in … Read More

Oh You Pretty Things

We may have a case of this topic becoming the “default fluff piece”, because lately there has been a lot of stories about men adopting fashion that is usually designated as feminine. In recent weeks I’ve seen stories about: “mandals” … Read More

Gender Neutral Preschool

The aptly named “Egalia” in Stockholm is taking steps to break down gender barriers.  Teachers will not address the children as “him or “her”, preferring the word “friends” rather than girls and boys. “Society expects girls to be girlie, nice … Read More

Beautiful Boy

The man that too beautiful to be topless!! The Daily Mail reports: “Barnes & Noble is said to have told Dossier’s distributor that it would have to forfeit the order or agree to a covering concealing the image. It said … Read More

Dude Quilting

I have seen two articles about men making quilts in as many days so I think that warrants a mention.  Yin YangBlend™ is about the blurring of the sexes, and I think  men quilting falls neatly into that wave. The … Read More

Goodbye Beer Gut!

Yin Yang Blend™ is about “balancing the sexes” Now guys get to be as dishonest about their unwanted bulges as women! Yep, Spanx is now for men too. We’ve seen t-shirts that claim to have shaping qualities however, we ladies … Read More

I Kicked Mommy at 9:01AM on Tues, July 20th!

The title of this post is a tweet (no, not from Mel Gibson) from an unborn baby! … Read More