The Return of the Wicked Witch?

Over the years we’ve watched the rise and fall of horror archetypes. We’ve blogged about a few of them too, from vampires to werewolves. And now things are lining up that point to a possible revival of the wicked witch. … Read More

Leaving The “Being Eaten” Part Out

This Canadian holiday resort understands how to create an immersive experience! This wading pool lets their guests get up close and personal with the residents of the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat. Separated by two-inch thick Plexiglass these lucky swimmers get … Read More

My Adventure in Scare Gaming

The game is called Amnesia The Dark Descent; it’s a horror survival game. Except that’s where it takes an interesting turn. You don’t fight; or level up. You run. All in all, it’s a total emotional rollercoaster. … Read More

Na’vi and Avatarism

As we move further into or out of the recession, depending on your viewpoint; people are looking for new forms of escapism. It’s why video game sales go up, and people pile into the box office for action and comedy movies. What’s new with escapism now, is escapism is slowly going to place where it has to mean something. … Read More

Smells Like Vicarious Living

Ah, Guitar Hero, a staple in our Living Vicariously™ Wave. It’s been trashed on South Park, among other places, for the very fact that the amount of time someone spends button mashing they could learn to play the same songs on a real guitar. Well, now an ad for Sparrow Guitars reflects just that, targeted at the older gaming audience it simply says, “Teen Spirit doesn’t smell like 5 plastic buttons.” … Read More

‘Hostels Club’ lets you stay in Prison. Or a Train. Or a Cave.

Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. … Read More

Living Like Harry

If you’ve ever read a Harry Potter book, or been to an HP movie (and who hasn’t), you may have wishfully dreamed about what it would be like to visit his magical world and sample his life of wizardry. Poof! … Read More

As Cute As the Real Pet

Portland-based artist Amelia Santiago is uses her amazing creative gifts to make pet lovers very happy. SOOOO much less creepy than getting your dead animal taxidermied. Instead she uses needle felting to create wool fiber sculptures of dogs and other animals commissioned by the doting owners. … Read More

YooStar Makes You the Star

Many of us live vicariously through the films we watch; indeed I think it’s safe to say that’s the purpose of Hollywood and the root of our fascination with celebrities. We cry, we laugh, we experience rushes of adrenaline when … Read More

Global Laundry

Fabric softener is pretty boring when you think about it. You have around fifty choices that all smell nearly the same, and by the time you’re in your thirties you catch on that lavender mist and seaside garden have a difference of about zero, and you get excited when a new smell comes out, until you use it and realize it’s exactly like the rest. Well, Japanese company Nissan Soap is working on ways to make fabric softener a little more interesting. … Read More