Hershey’s Embraces Food Tourism with New Products

Food, as we all know, is the great commonality. Everybody has to eat in some way or another—one person might be eating plant proteins and insects while another eats southern fried chicken and grits. They both share the same basic … Read More

The Expansion of VR

Most people immediately think of gaming when they imagine virtual reality (VR). Technology is continuously progressing and the actual reality is VR is finding more application across a variety of industries. The immersive experiences associated with VR are advancing sports, … Read More

Guess Who’s Coming To Breakfast?

Let me first say, that in my opinion, wild animals belong in the wild. Yet, as sad as it is, that places like this have to be created to save them from poaching and slaughter from local governments, it makes … Read More

Are Celeb Holograms Modern Frankenstein Monsters?

By now you’ve heard of Tu Pac’s holographic appearance at the recent Coachella festival. As one meme says: “Dead for 16 years – gives better performance in 5mins than most of today’s rappers that are alive.” As my astute co … Read More

Reverse Aging To Gain Insights

Empathy is not usually a word that springs to mind when I think of good design.  However,  MIT believes that’s exactly what the designers, product developers and engineers of the future will need.  They believe that we have to come … Read More

BeerFriender Helps You Buy A BeerTender

Heineken came up with a cheeky promotional idea for the festive season. They launched a fancy keg called BeerTender that lets you pull fresh draft beer at home for $99. However, they acknowledge that it’s not really the time of … Read More

SPENT: Could You Make It Through The Month?

The Human Truth of the Living Vicariously™ wave is: “To me, that was almost real.”™ Here is a website that has put this wave to work in an engaging way. Most everyone I know, myself included, whines about making ends … Read More

Indoor “Camping”

Trust Berlin to make staying in a trailer uber cool.  This converted vacuum cleaner factory has been converted into the kind of place I would describe as a “destination hotel”.  The concept is out-the-ordinary and quirky enough to make you … Read More

Losing Your Self In Literature

Here’s an eye-catching campaign that fits nicely in the Living Vicariously™ wave. It’s called “Become Someone Else. Pick your hero at Mint Vinetu” by Lithuania based Love Agency.  The print ads seek to encourage people to lose themselves in literature.  … Read More

Rebecca Black Viral Reveals “Popstar For A Day” Biz

Over the weekend there was a viral storm over an incredibly bad music video of a teenage girl singing vacuously about the days of the week and whether she should sit in the front or back seat of a car.  … Read More