Q315 Topic: Sex Grows Up

Intentionally controversial, organized sexual rights movements are drawing the spotlight. … Read More

Axe Deodorant Invites Voyeurism

Lynx/Axe deodorant launched an Australian campaign that turned a Sydney terrace house into a peeping tom’s delight. They fitted out the windows with LED screens that play raunchy videos which can be seen only with polarized sunglasses. As they continue … Read More

Liquid-Plumr Ad “Goes There”

I this found this “saucy number” over at AdWeek, have you seen it yet? “Liquid-Plumr has a product called Double Impact. So, really, what choice did DDB San Francisco have but to create the innuendo-stuffed spot below with a housewife … Read More

Peacocking With Alpha Nail

Sometimes a piece comes along that can fit into several CultureWaves™. This is one of them. What we have here is a nail polish aimed squarely at men which made me immediately think: Yin Yang Blend™: “I see the line … Read More

Tom Ford Is At It Again

Tom Ford seems to have three careers. One is a famous fashion designer, then he turned his hand to film directing… and the third seems to be making feminists furious with his photoshoots. This latest one is no exception. Yes,  … Read More

Peeking At Victoria’s Secret

The Human Truth™ of Suggestive Selling™ is:  “I can’t help looking at what’s hot”™. Victoria’s Secrets latest campaign is banking on that to be true.  Of course, they have built their empire on sexiness… no other lingerie house has the … Read More

“You Wanna Burger, Baby?”

As the Food Truck wars heat up in Los Angeles, everyone’s looking for an angle… a gimmick that will set them apart from the pack. Well here’s a textbook case of Suggestive Selling™ and it seems to be working out … Read More

Make It A Bourbon On The Rocks… Or, Er… Tongue

There’s a fierce debate raging among my friends about whether this Jim Beam viral is gross or sexy. I’m falling more in the sexy camp… perhaps Sexily Gross? Whatever camp you fall in, you must admit it’s a fairly engaging … Read More

Sexy Bones

Excuse me? A medical imaging supply company using naked x-rays as a selling tool? I guess you could call it creative, but is it more along the lines of pornography? … Read More

The Return of the Sexy Barmaid

Ever since man invented booze, he’s taken a keen interest in being served his favorite drink by a buxom wench. But modern times, not to mention the women’s movement, have pretty must taken the sexy barmaid out of the picture—Hooters being a mainstream exception—until now. … Read More