Wellness Hospitality

Living a healthier lifestyle is about diet and exercise, sure. What’s more, it includes how our environment makes us feel. The growing market of “wellness hospitality,” in which standard travel includes more than nutritious food, also gives us workout retreats … Read More

Elevated Indulgence

Have you caught onto the trend for self-care? At one time, it may have been considered indulgent to, at least at times, put yourself first. Now? Here’s what we’re seeing. Variables such as budget, demographic, lifestyle, and location can all … Read More

Making Time

There’s a new excuse in town. For years we’ve talked about being too busy or having too many priorities. Well, now we’re talking about too many things coming at us at once. We can’t think; we need to find a … Read More

Artificial Product Scarcity

Note: Culturewaves has previously written about the concept of the “Mark-Up Economy” here. Usually when we think of scarcity it points to a fundamental economic problem of never having enough of something. Marketing a product’s scarcity can create artificial demand—which … Read More

Workshop Concepts: Comfortable Skies

Have you taken a plane anywhere recently? If you have, you may have noticed that the airports and airplanes are more packed than ever, as our large world becomes smaller. Traveling the distance miles high in the air to take … Read More


Coffee Lovers Swoon For The TopBrewer

Some friends and I got into a conversation about “luxury” after I showed them a photo of the worlds most expensive watch. It’s worth US$5 million and is inlaid with with 1,292 diamonds – including six stones each weighing more … Read More

Luxurious Horizontal Shower

I’m not a morning person. But if I could roll out of bed into this shower I would be quite ok with getting up early. I’m going to put aside the fact that installing this shower is complete fantasy land … Read More

iPads Take Hasbro Board Games To The Next Level

Wooo! Board games just got a whole bunch cooler. Hasbro has merged the  iPhone, iPad or iPod into the game play.  The utilization of these gadgets is a great idea. “The first enhanced title released is The Game Of Life … Read More

What The Kids Want From Santa

Happy iHolidays!! Yes, that’s the term Nielson has coined after reviewing the results of their latest Christmas “wish list” survey.  Apparently our kids and teens are more about tech gadgets than ever before.  Apple devices are dominating the letters to … Read More

Stylish 3D Eyewear

Private Pampering™ is not about needs… it’s wants.  You might need food but you want to treat yourself to a gourmet meal. You might need clothing, but you want the designer esteem boost.  Well that’s why these glasses fit perfectly … Read More