CultureWaves Q2: Super Beyond Foods

Super Beyond Foods is a topic in our current quarterly report, which you can download here. When you hear the term “superfoods,” you might think of fresh vegetables, exotic fruits and hard-to-pronounce herbal ingredients found in a vitamin bottle. These … Read More

Redefining Beauty

You may have noticed a shift in advertising in the beauty industry lately, with a focus on unconventional beauty and an increase in showcasing unique styles and atypical models. This transition is due, in part, to consumer demand for equal … Read More


I just watched a trailer for a documentary that I’m really excited to see. Not only are some of my favorite male celebrities and comedians in it, but the subject matter lends itself to hilarity: Male Grooming. It’s called MANSOME … Read More

“Shamevertising” On Public Transport

Public transport can be filled with trials and tribulations at the best of times. Anyone who has to deal with the crush of peak hour, the rants of lunatics or falling asleep and missing your stop, knows what I’m talking … Read More

The Latest Trends In Lady Parts

Sometimes when I’m collecting thoughts for the World Thought Bank a strange pattern emerges. These are separate pieces of evidence that all share a common theme or trend. I’m here to say that I can no longer deny this topic: … Read More

Scanning For A Perfect Fit

I HATE SHOPPING FOR JEANS!!! I guess I have “unusual” proportions, because its always a chore to find the right fit. That’s why when I saw this article I immediately had to check if it was real and not just … Read More

Better Photography Is Saving Lives

This piece would be just as at home in the charitable Giving Back™ wave, but it’s also an unusual example of Buff Culture™ so I’d like to explore that. By unusual, I mean that it’s not about some new beauty … Read More

Intricate Paper Cut Lashes

I want these!!!  I’m far from a girly girl but sometimes you see something that’s so pretty it instantly makes you into one!  These are Paper Eyelashes that have been inspired by the intricate art of paper cutting. “The designs … Read More

LED Stilettos

I have seen LED underlighting of hot rod cars, seen them architecturally as an interior design feature countless times, but I have never seen them on the underside of a shoe! Entourage Red’s latest footwear collection: RUNWAY LIGHT is definitely … Read More

Body Types Described As Works Of Art

A lingerie company in Australia has been in the news recently with an interesting proposal that fit’s perfectly into the Body Warranty™ wave. Triumph launched a campaign to change the way we refer to woman’s body types.  You might be … Read More