The Future of Malls

A recent trip to the local shopping mall resulted in my friend and me standing in front of a sign that seems to encompass the current state of retail.   Storewide Sale, Everything 30-50% off   A similar statement was … Read More

Airports as Retail Destinations

Riddle: I have two hours to kill and a plethora of name brand stores within walking distance. Where am I? Answer: An airport. Where else, in this day and age, do you have two hours of free time? Sure, you … Read More

Q315 Topic: Entry-Level Lifestyle

As full-fledged career paths become harder to find and even more difficult to keep, consumers are having to accept the substitute of a permanent entry-level lifestyle over their expectations. … Read More

Is This For Real??

I love bacon and the weird internet subculture that has sprung up around it. I have chuckled at bacon flavored toothpaste, chewing gum, bacon scented candles, bacon inspired fashion, even bacon flavored lube (bleck). BUT surely, this is, going too … Read More

Google Maps Adds Real Time Traffic Estimates

Los Angeles and traffic are synonymous. Locals love telling you about sneaky routes they’ve found to avoid infamously clogged streets. Then there’s people like me that plan their day around avoiding peak hour. With an impending trip to LAX later … Read More

Million Dollar Incentive To Create Lab Grown Meat

Apparently a very interesting “dinner party” will be held at the end of the year. On the menu will be chicken… …That’s been grown in a laboratory. “Five years ago Peta, the world’s largest animal welfare group, gave scientists until … Read More

Favors For The Neighbors

College is a busy time. You’re either cramming, rushing off to class or sleeping away a hangover… who has time for grocery shopping? For that matter, who can afford them? Well, this start up is wanting to connect people who … Read More

Care Packages For Parents By Parents

MY FACEBOOK FEED IS FULL OF BABY PICS!!!!!!!!  It seems like everyone I know is reproducing.  Of course they are all adorable bundles of joy and a blessing, I’m not going to be the “snarky anti-kids blogger” here, but man…  … Read More

Helping The Less Tech Savvy

One of the things that stood out to me in the article Mashable did about Macy’s QR Code program was they said about 70% of Americans don’t have a smartphone. Really?  That seems like such a huge percentage!  I’m finding … Read More

Tear Absorbing Tissues

While it may be a gimmicky product, it’s one that actually has an audience. … Read More