Temporary Spaces and Creative Infill

Two businesses, two different cuisines, two different sets of staff and chefs –all under one roof, with one entrance, one kitchen, and one dining area. By day, it’s a burrito joint; by night, it’s a Nepalese BYOB restaurant. When everyone’s … Read More

Comeback of the “Ugly” Fruits

As a child I use to wonder why grocery store produce was always so much uglier looking than those my mother would pick out at farmers markets. I would suspiciously eye them over thinking my mother was simply too cheap … Read More

Barcoding Trees

At first glance we thought the headline was a spoof, something comical to be set aside with the barcoded Lamborghini or barcode tattoos. Seeing the source, however, we quickly realized this wasn’t just the real thing, but an interesting piece … Read More

Barber Opens Shaving School

I think it’s safe to say that shaving (at least facial shaving) is very much a manly thing. Celebrities like Collin Ferrell and Klive Owen have worn their perfectly tailored five’o clock shadows across many movie screens setting a trend … Read More

Train of Thought

If I had heard a quotations from Shakespeare, Gandhi, or Einstein over the NYC subway intercom, I probably would have stepped off and reported it as a case of Mary Jane in the drivers seat—ride with caution!

Amusingly enough, subway drivers on London’s Piccadilly line however have been given a book of inspirational sayings and encouraged to recite them to passengers. … Read More

Retro Calculator on the iPhone

The iPhone’s full of quirky, clever, funny and utterly useless aps that mimic real-life objects. We’re just glad this one actually has some real functionality alongside its totally retro fun allure. Though the TI-85 was the standard scientific calculator when … Read More

$1 Per Day To Not Get Pregnant

That’s right, dollar a day to keep babies away! Money is the oldest incentive to reward behavior, and a program funded by the University of North Carolina decided it’d be twice as rewarding to prevent teen pregnancy and up college … Read More

Alice Takes On Wally

As manufacturers create their own private label brands to compete for frugal consumers in the recession laden economy, national brands have to look for other options to reach consumers. One such option is Alice.com. A newly launched internet startup that, … Read More

Scientology Gets a Makeover

New Scientology Commerical: Life To be brutally honest, I don’t believe little aliens living inside of me would be essential to better “know myself”, or certainly not helpful to those on some spiritual journey. But who are we to judge … Read More

Regrowth of Human Limbs

Sounds like something from some sci fi program doesn’t it? Its not all sci-fi hocus pocus though as scientists are looking to replicate the same regenerative process found in the Mexican salamander—in humans. Nothing like going to nature for natural … Read More