Mapping Main Street

Main Street USA; it is a staple of political rhetoric, we are told of its suffering at the hands of big box retailers, but where exactly is Main Street and what does it look like? … Read More

For Watson Jeopardy is Anything but Elementary

Answer: IBM is creating a machine personified by this name to compete on jeopardy!

Question: What is “Watson”? … Read More

Haters! Apple Loyalists Cry Foul Over iPad

Apple has a problem that few of us will ever have to deal with; they are a victim of their own greatness. … Read More


Americans See News as Biased, Al Jazeera Sees Opportunity

Is Al Jazeera poised to become American’s source for international news? … Read More

Personal Body Monitoring: Coming to a Future Near You

Health consciousness is on the rise, our population is aging, and our technology is rapidly improving. This is, perhaps, the perfect storm for technologies that enable us to monitor our biological functions in real time. … Read More

Google Streetview: All the World is a Stage

In our increasingly digital world, applications like Google Maps and Street View are ripe ground for expression, and have the advantage of being able to be viewed by over 1 billion persons, and growing. … Read More

Projection Touch Screens Will Make Internet Truly Mobile

Products like Light Blue Optics interactive holographic keyboard, the Light Touch, expand the capabilities of mobile devices while retaining their number one advantage, portability. … Read More

Wordr: Say it all with One Word

Brevity is wit! That is the claim of new micro-blogging service Wordr. If typing 160 character updates is simply too cumbersome, you might give this new service a try. … Read More

Obama Acid: Change You can Believe in!

We don’t know what is worse, the physiological effects of this item or the “change” puns is it is guaranteed to produce. … Read More

Google Map of Jailed Chinese Internet “Dissidents”

Although the text is written in Chinese it isn’t hard to understand the message that this map of Chinese citizens who have been imprisoned for various “crimes” involving the Internet is conveying. ..China is still a repressive place. … Read More