If you set foot in our offices, you’d find plants everywhere. It’s partly a desire to foster a green environment, and partly the fact that we aren’t home much to care for them there. It’s also something of a competition among a few coworkers with the plant addiction to see who can come up with the most exotic plant and still keep it alive.


Whatever the reason for our interest, we aren’t alone. Houseplants are experiencing a resurgence in popularity thanks, in part, to Instagram posts and influencers. Choosing and maintaining the health of houseplants can be tricky; this is where The Sill, a specialized delivery service, comes in.


The site is designed to help consumers find the right plants, along with offering proper care tips suitable for any space. The company has a large variety of indoor plant choices, and users can shop by lighting, size, and other specifications, including pet-friendly. The Sill has physical locations in Los Angeles and New York where shoppers can attend workshops on how to care for their newly acquired Calathea Rattlesnake, and other exotic varieties.


One of the chief influencers of the plant trend is a new recognition of the importance of even small splurges. Sure, luxury can be great to experience—but why wait? It’s becoming more and more important to reward ourselves with small luxuries.


Of course, the consumer definition of a luxury good is changing, as is the mindset around what constitutes personal reward. Monthly and weekly splurges are more common thanks to e-commerce growth around subscriptions and specialty services. Companies now cater to a wider variety of consumer needs. This includes the desire for items that can create a sense of wellbeing.  With the ongoing discussion over what can be—or should be—considered self-care, a new market is emerging for premium products, from metaphysics and spirituality, to home health.


Aside from plants, keeping our homes nice is both a chore and an act that feels rewarding. The physical requirements around keeping a household clean can be tedious, which is why we are beginning to categorize them as a ritual, of sorts. Today’s cleaning solutions are designed to address specific rooms, surfaces, and even the quality of the air we breathe indoors.


Natural ingredients and essential oils are at the base of the organic products from LightHaus, a brand carried by the Salem, MA store HausWitch. The modern metaphysical brand caters to consumers who are looking for a deeper type of clean, with grounding, air-clearing, and calming qualities. Hauswitch carries products that are created with a mindful approach and sources eco-minded brands with a focus on wellness and self-care.


Then there are those regular rewards that, even if you placed the order, tend to come as a welcome surprise: subscription boxes. These treats are now available in all formats and there’s practically one for everyone, even those who want to learn the art of self-care. Lunarly offers consumers a selection of thoughtfully curated items that include a plant, a notebook, crystals, and other products. Aimed at encouraging a more mindful daily routine, each box ships before the new moon to inspire users to set intentions and track personal growth.

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