CultureWaves has written white papers this year addressing topics such as critical thinking, understanding data, and a new way to translate consumer data. Simply click on the title to download them.

The Understanding of Data: We created this white paper as a companion to our Beyond Data event that examined where marketing data comes from; how to understand it, and how to use it.

Critical Thinking: In a world where crowd-sourced opinion can shape whole news cycles and supplant legitimate news in favor of disinformation or outright falsehoods, one thing stood out that could be the solution: Critical Thinking. This white paper examines the relationship between technology and our (lack of) critical thinking skills–how we got there and what we can do about it.

The Future of Consumer Understanding: When CultureWaves launched its new product, VOICE, we wanted to explain the need for our new consumer-identification platform. VOICE represents a new understanding of consumer behavior and data application, taking thousands of data points and translating them into something understandable and actionable.

About CultureWaves®
CultureWaves is a need-based behavior science company that helps Fortune 500 companies and brands understand the ‘whys’ of consumer behavior, in real time, with the ability to translate said behavior into actionable marketing and innovation insights. Since 2006, behavior scientists use a proprietary need-based analytic tool – Sparcwire®, that observes human behavior thru need-based filters, to deliver a clear look at where consumers have been, are headed, and importantly, how to more effectively reach and influence them now. These timeline insights inform brand strategies and engagement, new product development, and integrated communications outreach custom-tailored to a brand’s specific needs. CultureWaves explains the why behind consumer behavior. To learn more, visit

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