Living a healthier lifestyle is about diet and exercise, sure. What’s more, it includes how our environment makes us feel. The growing market of “wellness hospitality,” in which standard travel includes more than nutritious food, also gives us workout retreats (by incorporating specialized wellness services), and wellness through nature (with the placement of plants and pets within guest rooms).

In fact, with today’s travelers spending more money on experiences, we are seeing the hospitality industry transform itself. Now, it’s beginning to cater to those looking to get away, without leaving behind the creature comforts of daily well-being. 

That means when it comes to planning a vacation these days, leisure and wellness are equal drivers for consumers. Just as there are endless destination choices, there are also many names in the hospitality industry trying to set themselves apart and attract clientele with the promise of a healthier stay.

Here are a few things we’re tracking:

Westin Hotels is one of those brands encompassing the tourist movement with eco-friendly bath and body products, bedside aromatherapy, and the option of curated exercise routes around its properties. 

• Hyatt is another one that is encompassing wellness travel—most notably with plans to expand its Miraval Resort and Spa locations to include more destination areas. Austin, TX, for example, is under development for its opening later this year. This arm of the hotel brand offers guests high-end luxury, in exclusive surroundings, showing the importance of this growing trend giving the brand a renewed focus on guest experiences. 

• Giving guest the feeling of being at home, even when away, is one of Wyndham’s stated goals when it comes to providing outstanding guest services. Every element is considered when it comes to room design—from the colors, shapes, and even furniture placement—all meant to give the atmosphere a more tranquil feeling, with the idea of inspiring relaxation.

The Stay Well Room guest program, offered by the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, specializes in providing the utmost comfort though circadian-based lighting. It’s all meant to promote deep sleep, and the aromatherapy is paired with air-purifiers, counteracting the allergens often present in indoor spaces. 

• The Carillion Miami Wellness Resort is putting a focus on the idea of pairing a vacation with the chance to cleanse and renew through its Carillion Cleanse service. In partnership with a team of medical professionals, guest can choose a three- or six-day program that utilizes nutrition-based meals and supplements to naturally boost metabolism while taking advantage of the 200-plus exercise classes–with the idea of creating the ultimate beach body retreat.

As the tourism market continues to embrace the trend of wellness hospitality, brands have a unique opportunity: To cater to the traveler of today who wants more from their hotel stay than a comfy bed and an on-site gym. The focus of comfort is expanding to include room design, outdoor fitness options, and the concept of whole-body well-being. That focused desire is now met through travel experiences that cater to enjoyment, affordable luxury, and the familiarity of home.

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