There were six nominees—five women and one man named Jeremy Hilton, who was as surprised as everyone else when he took home the title of 2012’s “Military Spouse of the Year”. This is the first year the title has ever gone to a man.

“Women like his wife, Renae, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, make up fewer than 15 percent of active-duty armed service members; fewer than half of them are married. Nine years ago, Hilton left his own career in the Navy to stay at home with the couple’s daughter, Kate, who was born with hydrocephalis—a condition that has required multiple surgeries and caused significant brain damage in their little girl.”

Stay At Home Dads (SAHDs) are rising in numbers like never before, however their numbers are still miniscule compared to Stay At Home Moms. “(According to the U.S. Census, in 2010, there were an estimated 154,000 stay-at-home fathers, compared to 5 million stay-at-home moms.)”

Yet no one can deny that times are changing when the US Army is not longer “asking or telling” and now honoring “house husbands”.

“When he was in the Navy, Hilton served on submarines that excluded women until 2010. Now, his business cards are hot pink. “I’m probably an example of the widest swing you can make,” he laughs. “I think I’m just secure enough in my manhood that none of this bothers me.”

The Yin Yang Blend™ wave is about balancing any inequality between the sexes. The Human Truth™ of this wave is: “We see the line between the sexes as dotted.”™

While I can’t see the US Military adopting that as a catchphrase anytime soon, they do have to be commended for keeping on trend with societal changes and releasing some out dated belief systems. Makes me wonder how long it will take this ex-service person to be allowed to serve again.

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