Let me first say, that in my opinion, wild animals belong in the wild. Yet, as sad as it is, that places like this have to be created to save them from poaching and slaughter from local governments, it makes me happy to see humans and animals in such a copacetic relationship.

And what unique vacations snaps you will get!!!

Giraffe Manor is on 12 acres of private land only a short trip from Nairobi. “…built in the 1930s, the interior decor has taken much if its inspiration from the era. The manor’s large veranda and terraces give guests the opportunity to hand feed the friendly giraffes at eye level. While breakfast is served the enormous windows are flung open so that the giraffes may come and join you.”

The Living Vicariously™ wave is about safe thrills. We often find travel adventure tours in this wave because it’s about experiences that embrace an element of danger, but with no need to fear the consequences. For instance, you would never come close to a Great White Shark in the wild unless you are “lunch”, but shark cage tours are hugely popular. Similarly, hand feeding a giraffe is something that would never happen in the wild, and yet at this wonderful place, you get to do it from the breakfast table! The Human Truth™ of this wave is: “To me, that was real.”™

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