Here’s an idea that could signal a new era for fitness garments. It blends technology into the sportswear that helps the wearer know when they need to correct a particular movement.

“Seattle-based company ElectricFoxy has unveiled a prototype of a garment that uses in-built technology to analyse, record and potentially correct body position. Called Move, the product is designed to be worn during movement-based activities such as Pilates, monitoring muscle movement and shape with sensors on the front, back and sides. Vibrating panels attached to the body react to help correct position. The information collected is synchronised with an iOS app to a display screen with analysis. The app can record routines and chart progress, which can be sent to Facebook for sharing.”

The Body Warranty™ wave has a lot of products that help people push their limits, but this kind of “self monitoring” is a trend that is definitely growing. The Human Truth™ of this wave is: “I want more out of my body than ever before.”™ As this kind of technology evolves, getting the absolute most out of your fitness training will be more possible than ever before.

Click here for a gorgeous video of  Move… In motion.

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